Element Strata Strategies

Element Realty strata is your local strata agency with a cooperate structure. Designed and established by our principal Mr Leon Lau who has been in the property industry for over 10 years, he currently holds a license in Strata Management, is a Real Estate agency business broker, educational back ground in Building and construction, post grade degree in Business Administration and is a member of the Justice of the Peace which gave him an excellent industry knowledge and experience leading him to achieve a strata management service that is like no other.

Unlike other strata agencies where they have strata management rolls all over Sydney, Element Realty Strata solely concentrates on strata management within our immediate vicinity of 25 km service radius. We call it the efficiency zone. This allows us to gain better control of time management and relationship with our owner corporation, because of the locality whenever there is problem on site we can focus on getting to our owners corporation in a short period of time.

We believe that if we focus more on our immediate location, instead of wasting long transport times to distance strata plans, we will be able to give more back to our client accordingly. Our strata roll is built from apartments and townhouses surrounding the local area, ultimately allowing us to be in the area at all time and never be too far from any of our strata managements. 

Element Strata Factors

  • Compatible and truthful strata levy calculation
  • Free onsite Non urgent site attendance for the first 3 months of newly developed strata plans( non Urgent attendance mean attendance onsite within 7 days)
  • Specialise in medium strata plan only, guarantying effective results
  • Management focused of strata plan within 25 minutes drive radius of our branches, offering maximum efficiency
  • Highly skilled Manager with rich experience in all sectors of the Real Estate industry
  • We own the properties that we operate in
  • Unlike other strata agencies where contacting your strata manager mean leaving a message with the reception and waiting for a call back, our strata manager is contactable 24hours via mobile phone. 

Element Commitment

  • Our commitment to proactive management practices system has laid a foundation for strong client relationships. We are committed to serving our clients to the best possible we can and in achieving this, our managers hold smaller portfolios so that they can assist with the management of the schemes more effectively and efficiently.
  • Our expert team customises management plans for each scheme, so Owners Corporation will always receive the specific solutions tailored for their schemes.
  • We are confident that our commitment to superior services and our staff’s professionalism will always be added extra benefits to the Owners Corporations who engage us. Our strata managers will arrange a preventative maintenance program for common areas and a strata health check periodically to ensure all the major expense items are being wisely managed. For all repairs and maintenance, it is a norm for us to arrange for at least 2 quotations and for larger expense items, at least 3 quotations are sought to ensure that the Owner Corporations are receiving the best value.

Strata manager Profile

Leon Lau


Qualification  –

  • Strata manager Licensee
  • Real Estate Licensee
  • Business broker Licensee
  • Building and Construction (Cert IV)
  • PgD Business Administration

Industry Experience –

  • 10 years+ Property Industry Experience

Current Position – 

  • CEO of Element Realty Licensee in Charge of Element realty strata

Career outline.

Property industry had always been a passion for me. I first step foot in to the property industry in 2002, Where I was fortune enough to join one of Australia well known real estate brand LJ Hooker. During my employment at LJ Hooker, for the first 2 years I was position in the management and administration sector, which gave me an opportunity to gain experience in different sector within the real estate industry.

My passion for the industry had also driven me to seek more knowledge, which encourages me to take up night school to feature my career. At the end of the 2 years in the management and administration job roll, I was promoted in to a position to take care of owners and residential dispute within the company. This new post required me to attend, prepare and present cases in the Fair-trading CTTT Hearing. I was very fortunate that to be place in this roll, my day to day work given me a greater knowledge of the legal and regulation system of the industry. Duration of this job roll when on for 3-4 years.

At the start of my 4th years in the industry, I was challenge with the concept of establishing my own business and at the end of 2007 established my own business with a local franchise.

Thought a tough and long journey, the company had gain great acceptance from the public which formed Element realty as we know it today. With great support from the locals community, Myself and the team of Element realty hope to further expand our business to service more of the community.