Tenancy Checklist

Rental Application 100 Point Check


  • Photocopied documents are to be provided, originals will not be accepted
  • 30 Points – Last four (4) rent receipts
  • 30 Points – Last three (3) pay slips
  • 20 Points – Driver’s license and / or passport
  • 20 Points – Copy of previous rental ledger
  • 20 Points – Copy of credit card, key card, medicare card
  • 30 Points – Last two (2) bank statements (must have bank statements)


When handing in your application you must have these documents and all of
the application must be filled out otherwise we can’t process your application. Along with your application we advise you to bring in a deposit of one weeks
rent for the property you are applying for. This will secure your application.
If you have any problems getting any of these documents please call the office
on (02) 9638 4048 and ask to speak to our property manager.